Utility Trailer Sales of Utah offers a wide range of new and used commercial trailers and trucks for rent. From CARB Compliant reefers to dry vans and more, our rental solutions offer the equipment you need to get from point A to point B with ease. But what does our rental fleet really include? Let’s take a look.

Dry Van Trailers For Lease

Dry Van Trailer

Working with our team, we’ll help find you the dry van trailer that best fits your needs. Usually needed in the transport of goods that don’t need a controlled temperature environment, our dry van inventory includes new and used models of every size.

Reefer Trailers For Lease

Reefer Trailer

Our fleet of rental reefer trailers is one of the best in the country. These popular trailers are used in the transportation industry to haul temperature-sensitive goods. Depending on your needs, we’ll outfit you with the perfect trailer for your haul.

Flatbed Trailers For Lease

One of our most popular rental solutions, flatbed trailers are used in a variety of transports due to the wide range of materials they can carry. Utility Trailer Sales of Utah offers a range of sizes and models that include Reinke, Utility, Reitnouer, Fontaine, and more. Contact our team to learn more about our flatbed trailer rentals.

Drop Deck Trailers For Lease


Also known as step deck trailers, drop deck trailers are open-space trailers with a “gooseneck” that drops the trailer height below the level of standard flatbed trailers. The team at Utility Trailer Sales of Utah has years of experience outfitting truckers with the best hauling equipment possible. Luckily, our drop deck rentals are no exception. 

CARB Compliant Trailers and Trucks

No matter your needs, we offer a fleet of rental solutions that are mostly CARB compliant. What’s even better? All of our rentals can be modified to fit CARB standards. Have a question about whether we have a specific CARB compliant trailer? Contact our team. We’re happy to help.

Yard Tractors, Forklifts, and Lift Trucks

Along with trailers and trucks used for transporting goods across long distances, we also offer a range of yard tractors, forklifts, lift trucks, and other vehicles used in the construction and consumer goods industry. Working with our team, we’ll find you exactly what you need.

Ramps & Bulkheads

Need a ramp to help make loading and transporting easier? Look no further. We offer a variety of ramps and bulkheads to complete your transportation journey.

Our Easy Rental Application Process

No matter the rental, Utility Trailer Sales of Utah offers unlimited hours and mileage along with a nationwide network of maintenance. Fill out our online rental application to get the rental process going. Once you fill out the application, we’ll respond back quickly via phone or e-mail. After you’re approved, our team will work with you to get the right equipment, confirm rates, and insurance requirements. It’s a quick-and-easy process that usually takes less than a day.