There are many types of trailers available at Utility Trailer Sales of Utah. In fact, Utility Trailer Sales of Utah specializes in reefers trailers both new and used. Whether you need a reefer, dump, dolly, or other types of trailer, we have it all. But each trailer type is used for different purposes. From construction to commercial trailers, these trailers are designed to help you in multiple ways.

Along with offering a variety of trailer types, Utility Trailer Sales of Utah offers California Air Resource Board (CARB) compliant trailers. These trailers are specifically designed to fit the CARB guidelines, so you can travel through California whenever necessary. While most of our trailers are already CARB-compliant, we can modify specific trailers to fit the guidelines.

Let’s discuss the specifications of each trailer type below.

Belly Dump Trailer

The belly dump truck or semi-bottom dump truck is a 3-axle trailer pulling a 2-axle trailer. These trucks unload their payload by opening the clam-shell type dumb gate in the bottom of the bed.

Belly Dump Trailer

What is the belly dump truck used for?

The most common use for the belly dump truck is for paving roads and road maintenance and agriculture.

How much do belly dump trucks weigh?

The typical weight of a belly dump trailer is 12,500 lbs.

How much weight can be placed on a belly dump trailer?

These trucks can typically haul between 26 to 27 short tons of aggregate per load. This amounts to 23.6 and 24.5 t and 23.3 and 24.1 long tons of aggregate per load.

Converter Dolly

A dolly trailer is an unpowered vehicle designed for connection to a tractor unit or truck.

Dolly Converter

What is a dolly trailer used for?

A dolly trailer is used to tow two or more trailers behind one truck. This allows you to carry a bigger load whenever necessary.

How much does a dolly trailer weigh?

Each type of dolly trailer weighs differently, 400 pounds or more.

How much weight can be placed on a dolly trailer?

Just as the weight of the dolly trailer varies, so does the weight capacity. However, they can typically withstand great loads.

Drop Deck Trailer

Also known as step deck trailers, drop deck trailers are open-space trailers with a “gooseneck” that drops the trailer height below the level of standard flatbed trailers.

Drop Deck Trailer


What is a drop deck trailer used for?

The drop deck trailer is designed to handle heavier loads. Typically, they transport materials such as: heavy steel coils, tanks, generators, cars, pipes, equipment, hay, forklifts, etc.

How much do drop deck trailers weigh?

A drop deck trailers weighs between 8,500 to 12,000 lbs.

How much weight can be placed on a drop deck trailer?

Although the weight capacity depends on the size of the trailer, drop deck trailers can typically carry around 48,000 lbs.

Dry Van

Dry vans are enclosed trailers used to transport products that don’t require a controlled temperature environment.

Dry Van Trailer

What is a dry van used for?

These trailers are used to haul shipments that don’t require a specific temperature. These shipments typically haul pallets or boxes of cargo.

How much do dry vans weigh?

The weight of dry vans depends on the size of the trailer. For example, a 48’ Utility dry box weighs 13,200 lbs. with air ride.

How much weight can be placed on a dry van?

The maximum length allowed for a dry van is 53 feet. That length of trailer can haul a maximum of 45,000 lbs. of cargo.

End Dump Trailer

An end dump trailer is a semi-closed trailer built for tough jobs that can handle large amounts of materials. These trailers have an open top and dump the materials through the back end.

End Dump Trailer

What is an end dump trailer used for?

End dump trailers are typically used to transport large amounts of items including scrap metal, garbage, large boulders, and other construction materials.

How much do end dump trailers weigh?

The weight of end dump trailers varies depending on the size. For example, a 42’ end dump trailer typically has an empty weight of 21,000 lbs.

How much weight can be placed on an end dump trailer?

One of the advantages of end dumps is that they have better capacity with higher sides, but that doesn’t always mean they can carry heavier loads. For example, a 36’ end dump trailer will carry 29 cubic yards and 15,200 lbs. of weight.

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers are open trailers used to transport a wide range of materials.

Flatbed Trailer

What is a flatbed trailer used for?

Flatbed trailers are one of the most versatile trailers due to the wide range of products and materials they can carry. The common products they transport include flat steel and coiled steel.

How much does a flatbed trailer weigh?

Flatbed trailer weigh about 100 lbs. per foot of deck length. This means that a 16’ flatbed trailer will weigh about 1,600 lbs.

How much weight can be placed on a flatbed trailer?

The legal load for a flatbed trailer is 8’6” high, 8’6” wide, and 48’ long with a weight that doesn’t exceed 45,000 lbs.

Reefer Trailer

These refrigerated trailers are used in the transportation industry to haul perishable and frozen foods.

Reefer Trailer

What is a reefer trailer used for?

Reefer trailers are used in the transportation of goods that are temperature-sensitive.

How much does a reefer trailer weigh?

While the weight of a reefer trailer depends on the length, it typically weighs around 35,000 lbs.

How much weight can be placed on a reefer trailer?

The max capacity for a reefer trailer is between 43,000-44,000 lbs. depending on the length.

Side Dump Trailer

Side dump trailers are dump trucks that unload their payload on the side rather than through the bottoms or the end.

Side Dump Trailer

What is a side dump trailer used for?

These popular dump trailers are primarily used when maneuverability is an issue and the load requires stability and balance during dumping.

How much does a side dump trailer weigh?

The weight of a side dump trailer depends on the axles and length.

How much volume capacity can be placed on a side dump trailer?

The volume capacity of a side dump trailer is 23 cubic yards for a standard 39.5’ trailer.

Tractor Trailer

A tractor trailer is a trailer without a front axle and is also known as a semi-trailer.

Tractor Trailer

What is a tractor trailer used for?

These trailers are one of the most popular trailer types and include various trailer types. These tractor trailer types include:

  • Box trailer
  • Curtain sider trailer
  • Semi dump trailer
  • Flatbed trailer
  • Refrigerated trailer

How much does a tractor trailer cost?

Since there are so many types of tractor trailers, the cost varies tremendously.

How much does a tractor trailer weigh and what is the weight capacity?

Just as the cost varies, so does the weight and load capacity.

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